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I won't be making any fanfics

Hi!! To my other followers...
If you been wondering where I have been all this past 1 1/2 years. Because of my work which I currently prioritize on. Working in one of the best airport in the world really damaging my body clock. I work on 2 different shifts, 0230 hrs ends at 1130 hrs and 1500 hrs ends at 0100 hrs. Let me tell you what happened during 2015, all of my bucket list was fulfilled.

1. On 28 August 2014, I went to my first ever concert and it was EXO!!!! It was a lifetime experience and everyone was good looking and it hit me when I looked at them, they are so much HUMAN just like us.

2. This current job was one of my dream job, and here I am after working for a year.

3. I was able to meet celebrities.

4. I went to my first ever musical show and it was Beauty and the Beast with my cousin and nephew.

5. I met Takizawa Hideaki, Kitayama Hiromitsu, Kawai Fumito and all of the Johnny's Jr. When I was on break someone told me they came to Singapore for their Kabuki and coincidentally they took ANA the flight I'm trained! And yes I took lots of photo during their arrival. And last minute I bought the cheapest ticket for the Kabuki, and throughout the show I was mind blown. All the stage show I watched on screen especially Dream Boys. It's exactly the same!! And on their departure day I met them and send them off!!! Well one of my dream to meet a Johnny's Idols. Sadly it's not KAT-TUN or Nishikido Ryo.

6. On middle of March I purchased a plane ticket to Seoul for November trip!!!!(I will post a differently)

7. After came back to Singapore roughly after 8 days, I bought a plane ticket. And yes... I'm travelling again and where to this time! Seoul AGAIN! WHY? The days I spent there wasn't enough it was literally 5 days but if I didn't count on my arrival and departure I only spent 3 days in the city. and it wasn't enough for me

8. Lastly, if only I didn't bought the plane tickets this wouldn't have came unannounced. A day after I bought the plane tickets a local organiser drop a news that EXO is coming in January 2016 for their concert and this time they are doing for 2 days!! OMG!!! WHAT A WRONG TIMING TO ANNOUNCE!!! I had no other choice but to buy the concert tickets.

9. I bought the concert tickets in a priority sales and there were extra charges. I had too and I was sure my money was burning like paper. So far.... after the 1st day concert ends, I was itching to buy the 2nd day because Chen said about the next day would be much more exciting and.... Once i got home I bought the ticket without a second thought! I can say this to myself that I am crazy! YES! Whatever it takes just to see my favourite idols!!! I'm not that fanatic but just to satisfy my needs!!! YAAA I sound crazy!!!

And so that's what happen for the whole of 2015 and a bit of 2014. I will forever be hiatus because I have no time to write. This is why I stop, so put down all the high hopes that one day or sooner I would be updating. No I won't. I'm getting old. This year I can't believe I will be half fifty!!
This blog I will treat as my travels blog and some of my daily lifes.
I'm not sure if you will be interested to read. But it's your choice, because I'm not forcing.


Hi!! How long have I been not active? I would say about a year now.

I just want to find out who ever here is a EXO fan!

Don't worry.. I won't judge because I am too a fan of them!!!

Let me just post their picture. I know now only 11 members are active BUT mentally I believe in OT12.
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I'm not dead, I'm still alive!

Lots of thing to share yet I want to cut it short! RL really caught me the most! I lost my muse on writing. I'm still figuring out what kind of job should I applied when I tried lots of job which it doesn't suit me at all. I don't have a dipolma like college or anything. But I went to a special school where they teach student in technical skills under hands on, minds on. I received NITEC Mechanical Technology certificate in 2009. I did attended a Higher level but i quit after 3 months studying (I couldn't cope with the subjects)

On 16 April 2011 my second eldest cousin got married again! (She failed her first married and gotten a divorce. Her ex-husband is a con man) She got engaged on 2008 to another guy, I'm not sure how they met each other i guess after the divorce thingy. She have a 9 year old son from her first marriage. I would consider it a shotgun marriage. She was only 17 at that time. Now she realize her mistakes after fallen into the trap, she began to start anew.

One thing I like about her wedding is roses were everywhere. And it lavender/purple colour to be exacted! They may look withered but I like it so much i took some after the wedding ended.

Pretty isn't it? I called it Artificial Rose. :)

Now, i'm putting on hold for my fics. I'm having bad problems at home. I hope you could understand what I'm trying to say is since i'm unemployed, my parents is forcing me to find one. That won't stop the nags when i'm still jobless. But I try to take my time to continue my un-finish fics and make it complete!

See you again!!!

[Fic] Air Hostess (3/?)

Title: Air Hostess
Pairing(s): AKAME and Ryoda (minor)
Genre: Romance, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys just the story.
Summary: Akanishi Jin a super idol known by country to country. Until he met a beautiful flight attendant.
Warning: Girl! Kame, un-beta. Take not of my bad english.
A/N: Idol! Jin and Flight attendant! Kame.

Chapter 3: The Date

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[Fic] Saving you

Title: Saving you
Pairing: Ryoda
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the people. I just want to write.
Summary: Ryo had an accident, when he tries to help someone.
A/n: Nothing in mind. Just want to write before I went to hiatus. 

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[Fic] Torn love of the painted kimono (3/?)

Title: Torn Love of the Painted Kimono
Character: Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin
Genre: AU, Angst, romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Warning: Un-beta as usual. Bare with my English it can get any worst at times.
Summary: For past generations to generations two families despises each other and it led to their children and forbid them to see each other. Will the history be repeating again?
A/N: I’m an AU freak! And I’m loving it! TV shows is giving me lots of ideas and I can’t helped it! And this is so Romeo and Juliet. I only took the idea from a local tv shows I watched! And I'm making a twist to it!!!! This story is mixed with 17th and 21st century.


Chapter 3
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